Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Keep Challenging your reading...

Inaburra Reading Challenge

I apologise for the delay in printing these booklets. I hope to have them ready for Week 5. keep your own record for now.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Many students are well on the way to completing their PRC already. Have you been keeping a record on your PRC sheets that were given out recently?

The website should be functioning from early March, but anything you have competely read in2017 will count. Keep a paper record until the website is ready to enter your books. I will give out logins and passwords as soon as they are available. If you know it from last year, it is the same

20 books read by Years 3-6
30 read or experienced by K-2

Some results from last year's Premier's Reading Challenge

194 Inaburra Students achieved a Certificate in the Premiers reading Challenge. Let's get a higher number in 2017

Check out these amazing 2016 statistics!

There were 7,492,209 books read by our participants in 2016.Thanks to the 2,488 schools who took part in the Challenge last year. 
We look forward to you all taking part in the 2017 Challenge. 
Download our complete 2016 PRC statistics here.
In 2016 we had an amazing 277,098 students complete the PRC!