Sunday, 31 August 2014

Children’s Book Week

What an exciting Term 3 we have had so far! Here at Inaburra we celebrate “Children’s Book Week” for much more than a just a week. Our book celebrations go on for a whole term or more. Here’s an outline of what we have done…

Jacqueline Harvey’s book series Clementine Rose and Alice-Miranda have been very popular with our girls for a few years and we were luck y enough at the end of last term to have Jacqueline visit the girls in Years 2-6. She spoke about her books, her writing and gave some great pointers as to how to write great stories.

Book Fair was a big highlight this year. We sourced our books from two fabulous booksellers, Bloomin’ Books at Caringbah and Koorong at West Ryde. The books were of high quality and many families took the opportunity to purchase some lovely new books for themselves spending a total of $9000, our best yet. In addition many families chose to donate books to the Library and this is much appreciated. The school makes a profit out of this and all of this has been used to purchase even more lovely books for our Library. Watch out for the new ones on display soon.

Sutherland Librarians are a couple of very funny ladies who visit our school to give us a taste of the books shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia each year for Book of the Year in several categories. These ladies always present a fun show which the children really enjoy. This year was no exception. They dressed up as the Dirty Dinosaur, Granny Grommet and as Sir Douglas Mawson. They had a number of games for the children to participate and lots of fun and learning was had by all. They’ll be back next year.

Melinda as Granny Grommet
Book Week Assembly and Book Parade was the highlight of Book Week itself. So many students chose wonderful book characters to dress as. Many parents were able to attend but we thank all parents for the effort you put I to make this a fun time. Unfortunately we could not interview everyone in the assembly but I know everyone had a chance in class to talk about the character they were and the book they were form. It was lovely to have a number of our older students (years 3-6) involved this year and also quite a few of the teachers made an effort to dress up. Ms Chisholm, dressed as a big chicken – Ruby Red, presented the CBC Books of the Year to the students. The internet links to these books are listed below as several parents asked for this information. We were also able to announce our 2nd semester Library Monitors.

NOTE: Older Readers are Young Adult books and not suitable for Junior School students.

Steven Herrick – Poetry to the Rescue was presented to Years 3-6 as part of Book Week and also to fit national Literacy Week where this year we had an emphasis on poetry. Steven was very entertaining, reading poems from many of his books and causing lots of laughter and fun. I was inundated immediately after with students wanting to borrow poetry books! The link to Steven’s site is also below – It’s worth watching some of his videos.
Steven Herrick - Poetry to the Rescue
We thought he was pretty funny!
Library Lessons While there have been many interruptions to our regular lessons this term due to the events, all classes have been looking at and enjoying the CBC Shortlisted Books of 2014 as part of their Library lessons. Later this term the students will vote as to which books THEY think should be the winners. Often the children’s choices are quite different to the Children’s Book Council Judges. There have also been a number of lunchtime activities. Unfortunately a few were cancelled because of the rain. More coming….