Sunday, 7 May 2017

Australian Children's Laureate - Leigh Hobbs

Leigh Hobbs, well know for his Old Tom and Mr Chicken book characters, is the Australian Children's Literature Laureate for 2017.

Leigh has created a calendar with a theme for each month with different activities for children to do with books, and a reading list. Click on the link below to see his suggestions for May

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The State Library of NSW in Sydney has some wonderful activities for children happening in the holidays. 

You may wish to check these out! I'd love to do the Leigh Hobbs Drawing Workshop, or go to the Horrible Harriet and Old Tom Activity Centre. Even the Game Coding camp looks interesting...

Ms Chiz
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Keep Challenging your reading...

Inaburra Reading Challenge

I apologise for the delay in printing these booklets. I hope to have them ready for Week 5. keep your own record for now.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Many students are well on the way to completing their PRC already. Have you been keeping a record on your PRC sheets that were given out recently?

The website should be functioning from early March, but anything you have competely read in2017 will count. Keep a paper record until the website is ready to enter your books. I will give out logins and passwords as soon as they are available. If you know it from last year, it is the same

20 books read by Years 3-6
30 read or experienced by K-2

Some results from last year's Premier's Reading Challenge

194 Inaburra Students achieved a Certificate in the Premiers reading Challenge. Let's get a higher number in 2017

Check out these amazing 2016 statistics!

There were 7,492,209 books read by our participants in 2016.Thanks to the 2,488 schools who took part in the Challenge last year. 
We look forward to you all taking part in the 2017 Challenge. 
Download our complete 2016 PRC statistics here.
In 2016 we had an amazing 277,098 students complete the PRC!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Reading Challenges 2017


It’s exciting to start a new year in the Junior School Library.
This term we are concentrating on setting up good reading habits with the students challenging themselves to improve their reading, read regularly and widen the variety of the choices they make to read

Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2

K-2  students will be encouraged to take part in the NSW Premiers Reading Challenge for 2017.  This program, which encourages wide reading, will be supported by the Junior School Library.

This involves 30 books either read to the students, or by themselves, from the Premier’s Reading Challenge Lists from the PRC website (this includes 5 free choice books). The majority of these are picture books. We will keep a record of the books we read aloud to the students at school and add these to the student records later. Parents should keep a record of the books students read at home, either from our Library, from their own collection or from the public library.

A Personal Reading log is provided but is also available on the PRC website. Please write books read in the Reading Log every week before returning them to the Library. These records can then be entered online once the PRC have set up all their logins. We are hopeful this will in mid-March. During Term 2 the PRC website becomes live and the book list can then be entered online for each student.  We will send details when this happens and happy to provide assistance if needed.
We want all of K-2 to participate.

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

3-6 – students have Choices             …….EITHER
1. Premiers Reading Challenge - 20 books read by themselves from the PRC lists (see website) –includes 5 of their choice. This list includes novels, picture books, and information books. The Library will provide students regularly with books from the lists.  The books should be at a reading level that is reasonably comfortable for them to read.  The emphasis is on reading widely and regularly.

A Personal Reading log is provided but also available on the PRC website. Please assist your students every week at home to write in all books that they read, either from our Library, from their own collection or from the public library.  During Term 2 the PRC website becomes live and these records can then be entered online by the students.  We are hopeful this will in mid-March. Once this process has been demonstrated we ask the students to take responsibility to enter them at home in their own time. We are hoping to have the challenge completed before early June. Students finish when they have read 20 books. Those who are successful in the PRC will receive a special Premiers Reading Certificate. Students receive a Gold Certificate in their 4th year and a Platinum Certificate in their 7th year.
2. Inaburra Junior School Reading Challenge – This is for the more able readers with the emphasis is on reading more challenging books across a variety of genres.  They will read their own choice of books and count the number of pages they’ve actually read. A log for this will be sent home with those who wish to do this one. This will finish in early June and we’ll see who has put in the most effort to challenge themselves. There will be some prizes given to high achievers.
NSW Premiers Reading Challenge Website

Welcome to 2017

Ms Chisholm Teacher-Librarian) is back this year after a crazy 2016 and is fighting fit.
Mrs Kingsland (Library Assistant) will help with classes on Thursdays and Fridays.

There have been a few changes in the Library including some new furniture, a revamped Fiction section, new book carousels and a new Senior Picture Book area.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ms Chiz on Leave

Ms CHIZ is currently on medical leave following shoulder surgery which requires a long rehabilitation. She is currently enjoying be a lady of leisure for a little while.
Mrs. Tasker is running the Library in her absence.

See you all in Term 4!

Monday, 7 September 2015

When do you start?

"The best time to start reading aloud to a baby is the day it is born. The lilting rhythm of a simple bedtime book on that first thrilling, exhausting day is soothing for both the tremulous parents and the new child..."
Mem Fox, Reading Magic